Narrow It Down To Four


It all boils down to four; four teams who are playing their best at the right time of the year. Some say they’re the best teams; please notice that I didn’t say that these are the four best teams, but they are the four teams who are playing their best. Florida, Kentucky, UConn and Wisconsin – all are legitimate contenders for the title. So the lesson is this: save the best for last. Be at your best when life gives you its worst. Do all of the little things that add up to one big thing. And don’t take your opponent for granted.

Wisconsin Win

Finally we have a four. Four represents completeness. Four winds, four corners, four quarters and four quadrants (we will omit four letter words). Biblically speaking, we have the four rivers of Paradise in Genesis and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation. When you have four you have two pairs –  two half parts of a whole. It all has to boil down to four, and then to one.


On paper and on the court, by all accounts, it’s a fine Final Four we have. Florida dispatched the darling of the ball Dayton; Kentucky is playing their best ball and they won the best game of the tournament against Michigan; UConn unraveled Michigan State; and Wisconsin bested Arizona. Now, Wisconsin will face Kentucky and UConn has a rematch from an early season game with Florida. Each team will realize that their opponent is going to be, to mix sports metaphors, a tough Out.


So narrow it down; narrow it down to a maximum of four. To avoid being overwhelmed and undermanned, outgunned and inundated, narrow it down. We try to do too much and then wonder why we accomplish so little. We try to cram it all in, and in the end we end up having it hang all out. We try to achieve it all, and in the end we don’t do that much at all. We have too much stress and too little margin in our lives. So narrow it down! Doing four things well is better that doing fourteen things halfway. Narrow your wants and your wishes, narrow you fancies and your fantasies, narrow your longings and your cravings, your anticipations and your expectations, and focus on what means and matters most to you.

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