A Blog Post from Writers and Hunters, March 24, 2014

Wasn’t that fun?!  And by that, I mean the first 4 days of the 2014 NCAA Tournament.  Every year the tournament is filled with thrilling finishes, buzzer beaters, hurtful losses and seasons abruptly coming to an end.  You enter the tournament knowing that you could leave just as quickly as you came in.  In most cases, the games are decided by the teams with the most talent but sometimes the best team doesn’t always win. Just ask Wichita State. The Shockers were shocked back to reality by a sometimey Kentucky squad that may well lose their next game.

A team with the better record may have a bad match up with another team and thus struggle to score.  An example would be Baylor vs Creighton on Sunday.  Sometimes, you play well and still lose the game because of one particular play or bounce that didn’t go your way.  It doesn’t mean you’re a bad team but it just means that you weren’t the best team on this certain day.  An example of that is Kentucky vs. Wichita State.

Every team that wins experiences jubilation but for every smile there is a set of tears.  Think about North Dakota State upsetting Oklahoma.  Or Mercer over Duke and the most talked about dance the past 4 days.

Is Mercer really better than Duke? No. And I think we all know this but that’s what makes the Tournament so great and so painful at the same time. You can’t afford a let-down or else it will all be over.

Andrew Wiggins and his teammates laughed when asked if they knew the name of the starting PG at Stanford only to be embarrassed in the 2nd half by that very same PG and his entire team. They didn’t know his name before the game but I’m sure they do now and Mr. Wiggins and his talent are playing no more.

In the best game of the Tournament thus far, Kentucky played vs Wichita State and came away with a two point win sending the Shockers home with just their first and only loss this season. (35-1) Many doubted Wichita State so the Shockers relished the challenge of playing a powerhouse and proving to the world they belonged. Unfortunately, they came up short as Kentucky played its best basketball in a yr. Kentucky may not be better than Wichita State but for one day they were and now the Sweet 16 awaits.

North Carolina thought they were headed to the Sweet 16 in Madison Square Garden when they were up by 8pts with under 6 minutes to play. But Iowa State had other plans in mind. DeAndre Kane played like a monster and the Tar Heels had no answer. They thought they had it won but in the end, hurt and thoughts of what could’ve been are all they’re left with.

Every year we see stories like the ones above. For every great story like the Dayton Flyers there is a story of heartache like the Seniors on Wichita State. For every Stephen F. Austin there is a team like VCU who gives up the  4-point play that allowed the jubilation to take place.

It’s just a part of why we love March Madness and why it’s so great. We love it for the great moments and the heartbreaking ones as well.

Regardless of who you’re rooting for, the Sweet 16 is now set and although nobody is on tap to win Warren Buffet’s $1 Million Dollars, the games will still be entertaining on this upcoming Thursday and Friday. I’ll be watching for sure. I can’t wait!


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