Making History

Medal Ceremony - Winter Olympics Day 6

Everyday, we have a chance, we have the opportunity, we have a shot at making history. We have before us the choice of being history or making history; of being victims or being victors; of being the ones who just talk or being the ones who are being talked about.

Three young American boys just made history.  Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper swept the podium in men’s slopestyle skiing Thursday, putting on a spectacular show to provide the U.S. team with a jolt from a mountain whose vibe is more spring break than Winter Olympics. Yes the warm weather is making history, but the athletes are putting their stamp on these winter Olympic Games as well. The podium sweep was just the third for the U.S. in Winter Olympics history, joining men’s figure skating in 1956 and men’s halfpipe snowboarding in 2002.

Making history is no easy task.  It takes dedication and determination; it takes timing and technique; it takes the help of your friends and the hope of your hometown, and all came together for these three heroes.

 Joss Christensen soared to gold in the sport’s Olympic debut, posting a score of 95.80 on Thursday to beat teammates Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper. “I am shocked,” Christensen said. “I am stoked to be up here with my friends. Joss Christensen’s gold medal validated the coaches’ decision for adding him to Team USA. “It’s crazy,” Goepper said. “I think it’s going to give the U.S. a lot more confidence, and it’s going to get a lot of people really excited.”  The Americans were certainly fired up.

History was in the making. In conditions better suited for a spring break in the mountains than the Winter Olympics, the 22-year-old Christensen was by far the best. Each of his four runs scored in the 90s. His first run in the finals won the gold, and his second would have been good enough to win silver.

So make history. Moses made history when he stood up to Pharaoh.  Young David made history when he stared down Goliath. And Elijah made history when he challenged Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel. And you can make history too.  Dare to dream. Pursue your goals.  Stand up for what is right and for what is rightfully yours.

Determine to make history. Don’t get swept up by your circumstances or your negative emotions; be the sweeper. Be the one who the picks up the pieces. Be the one who gathers up the fragments. Be the one to make history, especially when no one else thinks you can.

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