As Good As It Gets


He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? Micah 6:8, KJV

Peyton Manning is as good as it gets.  He’s a nice guy.  He’s a humble star. He’s a great quarterback, and he’s one win away from winning another Super Bowl. So I’m not rooting for Denver, I’m rooting for Peyton Manning, because is time out for the nice guys finishing last. 

The Denver Broncos won the won the 2014 AFC Championship Game 26 -16 over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Peyton Manning is the reason for it. “He hit eight different receivers in completing 32 of 43 passes for 400 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. The turnover the critics expected never came. Instead they saw Manning dominate the Patriots and rival Tom Brady.

This game was all about Manning and Brady. On this day, one was better. This time, it was Manning. Brady finished 24 of 38 for 277 yards and a touchdown. But he got 135 yards of that in the fourth quarter when Denver had a big lead. Now there is no denying it anymore: Peyton Manning is something special.[1]

24 months ago, Manning wondered if he’d even be able throw again. And now here he is one victory away from his second Super Bowl ring and maybe finally getting the recognition as one of the all-time greats that he so richly deserves.  Manning’s playing career and statistics have ranked him among the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

Peyton Manning is as good as it gets. He’s clean; he’s smart, and he’s good.  And you like to see the nice guys finish first, not last.  He’s had a white hot start to 13-3 season and he’s set records that may never be broken.   

As a leader, Peyton Manning is as good as it gets. He knows the way, points the way, and goes the way.  Isn’t that what we expect from our leaders?  The list of great sports leaders is long and distinguished. In light of the coming Super Bowl, we recall some of the great ones that come to mind, including Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, and Peyton’s younger brother, Eli Manning.  In this list of Super Bowl MVP’s, all save one are quarterbacks.

You want to cheer for Peyton because of what he’s been through. After taking baby steps learning how to throw again after 2011 neck surgery, Manning hoped he’d get another shot to show he was quarterback royalty, even if many doubters still existed — sometimes even being one of them himself.   Now, at the age of 37, after his career looked to be over two years ago and he couldn’t throw a football 10 yards after his surgery, somehow you get the idea he will savor this one a little more.  So I ask you doubters out there to appreciate all he’s done to get here. How can you not?

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