May The Best Team Win


The best team should always win. We don’t know who will win this season’s NFC Championship Game between the 49’ers and Seahawks, nor do we know who will come out on top in the AFC Championship Game between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  OK, you’re right; the game is between the teams, the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, but ultimately, the stars will come out and decide the matter. The team whose star shines the brightest usually wins.

In the fight for right, in the spiritual spectacle staged up above our heads in the heavenlies and in the war waged down on the floor in prayer, the balance of the battle is always in question but the outcome is never in doubt.  In this war of attrition, in this clash of Titans, our God has a decided advantage over our adversary, the devil and his team of demons. In the end, God wins!  And since God wins, we win! Even though the end is not yet, we already know we win.  This knowledge is truly power.

We have the best team and we have the best players. In the Old Testament, the children of Israel knew God by the Hebrew word “El.”  The word El comes from the root word meaning might, strength and power.  El is almost always qualified by other words called “constructs” that further define the meaning that distinguish Him from false gods.

We laud and applaud our overcoming the other team because our God is Elohim, which in Hebrew denotes magnitude and dignity, as well as actual multiplicity. We rejoice and celebrate our “win” in God because He is El-Shaddhai, the all-sufficient One. God is so overpowering that He is “Almighty.”  We shout and cheer our victory in God because He is El-Elyon, God most high. This title stresses God’s strength, sovereignty and supremacy. As Phillips Craig and Dean sing, He is God Alone. From before time began, He has been on the throne. He is God and God all by Himself. As the ole’ saints used to say, “He don’t need nobody else!”

We have the best team and we have the best players. The glue that holds God’s team together is the Holy Spirit. He is everywhere every hour, every minute, every second of every day. In other words, the  Holy Spirit is all over the field, chasing on every play, pursing on every down, and plugging every hole. The devil cannot possibly compete with God’s team. And because we’re on God’s team, we cannot be defeated.

The best team will win. That’s God’s team: “Team God.” The devil and his angels are clearly inferior, and it shows. The devil’s team is out muscled, out matched, and out manned.  The devil is defeated and completely outdone. Hallelujah!  

We have the best team and we have the best players. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are the best team and the best players. “Team God” is represented by Jesus Christ. Jesus is our franchise player; He is our star quarterback and leading rusher; He is the backbone of the defense and the cornerstone of the O-Line.  Jesus is everything. The opponent of the ages, the enemy of our souls has been bested by the Ancient of Days, our faultless and Faithful friend.

Thank God the best team wins.

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