From Worst to First, Playing In The Snow

 Eagles in the Snow

My Eagles went from Worst to First, playing in the snow.  Last season they finished dead last in the NFC East. Now, they are on the verge of winning the Division and playing deep into the playoffs.

Snow is a symbol for purity and innocence; the antithesis of pollution and contamination. Losing is symbolic of what is wrong, what is wretched, and what is wicked. No one likes a loser and everyone loves a winner. When the Eagles were in last place they were hated; now that they are in first place they are loved.

Kids from 1 to 92 love playing in the snow.  And today the Philadelphia Eagles got paid make snow angels and score touchdowns in the snow.  My Eagles went from worst to first. And they did it dramatic fashion. In Philadelphia, snow started falling about two hours before kickoff and just got harder and harder as the game went on. Workers tried to use shovels and blowers to keep the yard lines clear. The field was a blanket of white as neither team even attempted a field goal and went for two on seven of the eight touchdowns scored.

I’m not sure what’s more fun: playing in the snow or watching a football game played in the snow. LeSean McCoy didn’t seem bothered one bit by the snow conditions. The Eagles kept giving him the ball and he kept running. McCoy finished with 217 yards rushing, two touchdowns, and the Eagles defeated the Lions 34-20.

My Eagles went from worst to first. They had to play from behind in order to beat the Lions, going down early 14-0. Behind McCoy and QB Nick Foles, who threw for 179 yards and a touchdown, the Eagles managed to get back in the game. McCoy exploded in the 4th quarter for 148 yards, passing the single game Eagles rushing record previously held by Hall of Famer Steve Van Beuren.


Playing in the snow.  It’s fun and pretty but not perfect.  Lions QB Matthew Stafford fumbled the football five times out of the Lions total seven fumbles. When asked about playing in the blizzard, Stafford responded, “It’s not the same as a sunny day, that’s for sure. But you’ve got to make adjustments.”

You too can go from worst to first. Even if you have to play in the snow, you can win if you do at least three things. First, make adjustments.  Second, don’t let the snow (or any other element) bother you. Third, do like LeSean McCoy did: keep running.  If you have a contemptible history of losing games, of listing through your days and limping through your life, it can be erased, just like that.

Keep playing in the snow. Hold on to your child-like faith.  Keep your chin up and your chest out. Hold on tight to your dreams.  Keep hope alive. Hold on to the promises of God.  Keep believing that your future will be bigger and better and brighter than your past. Hold on! Keep believing, and your future will be as pure and as pretty and as promising as the driven snow.  


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