Nobody Likes A Crybaby


Everything is not going to go your way. You’re not going to get every call. You’re not going to score every possession.  You’re not going to win every game. Knowing this helps.  Acknowledging this is one thing; doing something about it is something else. Because nobody likes a crybaby.  Yes, we have all done it from time to time. When things don’t go our way we tend to complain about this or whine about that.

Nearly every great NBA player can be called a whiner. Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James immediately come to mind. They’re both prolific complainers. It’s almost like it’s their genes. When LeBron gets called for a foul, especially on defensive, he tends to react by pogo-ing up and down while screaming at the referee.  Kobe’s favorite technical-drawing move is the giant clap. It often occurs when he gets stripped going to the basket, or when he is called for an offensive foul. The second Kobe smacks his hands together with the volume of a Phil Jackson whistle, referees are right there making that ” T” with their hands.

NBA Finals Game 3:  Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic

Because nobody likes a crybaby.  Nobody likes it when somebody, especially an athlete, complains in an unreasonable, repeated, or irritating way.  Instead of whining and complaining we honor our athletic heroes who suck it up, walk it off, and leg it out. All of these are responses to bad calls and maddening penalties that we respect.

Joseph got some bad calls. He was belittled and betrayed by his brothers and forgotten and forsaken by his friends. Yet Joseph never said a mumbling word. He never winced.  He never whined. He never whimpered. Instead he endured hardness, like a good solder of Jesus Christ.   Regardless of his circumstances, Joseph did not complain.

Because nobody likes a crybaby. So what do you do when things go wrong? What do you do when the “call” doesn’t go your way? How do you react? Are you a person who steps up and puts on a positive attitude or are you a complainer? Sometimes it is easy to fall into a whiney state-of-mind, but the Bible has some advice and inspiration about complaining.  Complaining is nothing more than making excuses. Yet the Bible clearly says that complaining is a sin. It is shows an attitude that you are ungrateful and bitter. It often tests God’s patience.

 And do not grumble, as some of them did—and were killed by the destroying angel.  1 Corinthians 10:10, NIV

So stop complaining.  How you ask? First, know that you cannot stop by yourself. Being strong as we face problems is something we cannot manage on our own. God is our rock and in Him we receive strength and peace.   We don’t want anything to be hard, tough or difficult and this causes us to have an immature, selfish perspective of difficult situations and say things we shouldn’t say.

Joyce Meyer may have said  it best: “It’s easy to complain. There are many things that happen every day that we could murmur about if we let ourselves go there. But they really aren’t worth the effort it takes to get upset and gripe about it.  I think of complaining as the enemy’s language. When we do it, we open the door for him to come into a situation and cause trouble. On the other hand, praise and thanksgiving is God’s language.”  

Joyce goes on to say that she’s “learned that there’s a better approach to life: Look for the treasure in every trial.  The truth is, I’ve done most of my spiritual growing during the hardest and most painful times of my life. The trials of life have caused me to press in to God. And as I’ve done that, He’s changed me. He’s helped me to develop an attitude of gratitude and humility, which has brought real freedom into my life.

What’s real freedom? Real freedom is being able to not have my way and still be just as happy as if I did.”  Amen to that.

So stop complaining. Because nobody likes a crybaby. Find something to be thankful for, even in the midst of a bad call that goes against you or a missed call that would have gone your way. 

Because nobody likes a crybaby.

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