The Intangibles

World Series Cartoon

What are the intangibles?  What separates the champions from the chumps?  What separates the  victors from the victims?  What separates the over comers from the underachievers? It’s the stat that doesn’t show up on the score sheet. It’s the quality in a person that people can’t measure.  It’s there, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The coach of the New York Rangers, John Tortarella, said this about the Rangers captain, Ryan Callahan:

“He’s not the flashy player you see in the highlight reels every night.  It’s what he does night and night out – he has another gear.  He understands the intangible.  He respects the game; it’s something we’ve lost with our athletes.”

The intangibles. It’s something we’ve lost . . .

What are the spiritual intangibles?  Doing what needs to be done – consistently.  It is true that the upcoming World Series is not going to be fought just with bats, gloves, and balls, but with grit, guts, and beards.

Intangibles are fuel for the fire of all successful athletes, and believers.  Inner peace leads to outward calm.  You can measure height, and weight and vertical leap, and speed and quickness and agility, but you can’t measure the intangibles. You can’t measure, put your hand around, scope or quantify. You have them or you don’t.

“He understands the intangible.”  This for me sums up the perfect hockey player, and ultimately, the perfect player in any sport.  Athletes (and Christians, for that matter) are becoming more worried about themselves and less worried about the team they play for; the sport they play for; the fans they play for, and for believers, the Kingdom we represent.

Night in and night out; game in and game out; day in and day out.  Doing what needs to be done – consistently. This is the ultimate intangible.

Who has the intangibles? Players that have the intangibles, that being a passion or a fire that you can’t measure in a weight room or that you can’t put on paper, are typically the ones that mean most to an organization.  The reason is simple; the intangibles are what drive people.  If you’re more driven than the next person, you’re more likely to succeed at whatever it is you’re chasing.

The intangibles.  Let’s do what needs to be done.

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