How Thoughts Become Things

Passing the Batton

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:”

Proverbs 23:7 


What’s the difference between a winner and a loser? What differentiates champions from also-rans? What differential divides first place and second?  Sports columnist Michael Wilbon said “what separates champions from the rest of us is a line so thin you can barely prove it exists.” 

What separates the men from the boys?  Our thoughts.  Individually and collectively, we can direct our thoughts to become things.  The individual, however, must join with collective, collaborative, congenial minds, for individually we can be lost in ourselves. Remember, there is no “I’ in team. So, in order to win as a team, there must be a meeting of common minds; there must be a meeting of determined wills; there must be a meeting of renewed spirits.  The collective minds and wills and emotions of victors cannot, and will not, be denied.

What separates who excels and who fails? Our minds.  It’s a spiritual thing. And spiritually speaking, winning is living with our minds focused on victory. And the victory has already been won. Therefore, our thoughts should ever be on Calvary.  Christ won on Crucifixion Friday, and proved he won on Resurrection Sunday.  Therefore, our thoughts should ever be on what Christ did for us in the past and what He is going to do for us in the future.

What separates champions from the rest of us? Our thinking.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said “a man is what he thinks about most. When you do a thing, do it with all your mind. Put your whole soul to it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic … “;

Champions think about winning.  Champions determine that they are going to win. First place teams see themselves finishing first.   Winners have won the game long before the game is even played.  Thoughts do indeed become things. Everybody wants to win, but few will to win.

What is on your mind? As believers, we need to control what we think.  We can determine our will by keeping our minds. We keep our minds by focusing on the goal.  We keep our minds by fixing our eyes on the finish line. We keep our minds by ignoring what is contrary and contradictory to our stated purpose.  Keeping the mind is essentially guarding what comes in and what goes out.  So we think thoughts of peace, and not of evil. We think thoughts of grace and not of strife. We think about victory and not defeat.

What is on my mind?  I’m working on what I feed my mind. I’m working who and what I allow to come to mind and where I allow my mind to go.  Sometimes my mind “wanders” and I have to yank the chain and bring it back in.  Why? Because I don’t want my mind wandering into doubt, defeat, desperation, dejection and despair. I need to guide my mind to think about Christ’s past victory and future triumph.

 Isaiah put it this way:

People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit. Depend on God and keep at it because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.  Isaiah 26:3-4 (The Message)

 By doing this, we can determine how our thoughts will become “a sure thing”.


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