Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hank Williams Jr. sings the now famous tune “Are you ready for some football” before regular season Monday Night Football games.  And it’s time again for some Football. Even though it’s just the first pre-season game, the hoopla and the hullabaloo for the coming football season is as high and as hyped as if it were the playoffs. Well, almost. So let the games begin. 

Pre-season is preparation for the season.  And preparation is everything. Before David approached Goliath, King Saul tried to put his armor on him. It didn’t fit and it wouldn’t work, not for David. Young David’s preparation was to go to the brook and gather five smooth stones.  This time of preparation was all that he needed. But it was needed and necessary.  How long did he take to choose these stones, and what was his process for choosing one smooth stone over another? We may not need to delve into such minute, but we do know that preparation is absolutely essential.  Before going to the battle David had killed a lion and a bear in defense of his sheep.  He was jealous for and defended the sheep with his life.  He also spent time writing songs and singing them to the Lord.

How do you prepare for your day? Singing doesn’t hurt; it actually lifts the spirit and brightens the soul.  Also we should begin with prayer, asking the Lord for guidance, strength, and direction. We should then proceed to read the Book of Life, the Bible, God’s instruction manual.  B.I.B.L.E. stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. 

How are you preparing for your “season?”  How do you prepare for you battles? How do you prepare for your days and weeks of work and service?




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